Social Security Disability

Our country was built from hard work.  It is in our heritage to work and provide for our families. And that is what most of us do for our entire lives. However, some are no longer able to do so. They get injured, ill, or their bodies simply wear out.  That is why we have Social Security Disability. If you have worked and paid into Social Security, and your health is keeping you from working anymore, you’re probably entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. At the Law Office of Colby J. Leonard, LLC we work hard to ensure you get the benefits to which you are entitled. We have a referral rate from previous clients who come to us because they knew that unlike some of the larger firms, we take a personal, friendly approach from the very beginning. They know we do a professional job of filing the necessary paperwork, completing social security disability forms, and competently representing you at your hearing. 


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