Post-Bankruptcy Issues

Individuals who have gone through bankruptcy proceedings often find themselves facing even more challenges after the bankruptcy is finalized. Common post-bankruptcy issues include debts that have not been discharged, continued creditor harassment, and mortgage companies failing to foreclose on homes.  At the Law Office of Colby J. Leonard in Indianapolis and Muncie, Indiana, we understand that bankruptcy does not always settle all of your legal issues. Our representation does not end the moment your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is finalized. We help to ensure that you can move forward free of the problems you encountered before bankruptcy, whether that means helping you rebuild your credit through credit repair counseling or correcting credit report errors through a Fair Credit Reporting Act claim.

Have Your Debts Been Discharged?

We recommend that you run a credit report six months after bankruptcy to verify that your debts have been discharged. Clients often find that their credit report does not reflect the bankruptcy judgment. We assist our own clients and clients from other law firms in correcting these credit report errors.

Creditor Harassment

Just because the bankruptcy court ordered a creditor to stop collections on a discharged debt does not mean that the creditor will follow directions. If your creditors have attempted to collect on debt that was discharged through bankruptcy, we will have the court sanction them.

Non-Dischargeable Debts

Chapter 7 bankruptcy will discharge most of your debts, but not all. Certain debts, such as student loans and child support arrears, may not be dischargeable. You may need to file an additional motion and go to a separate hearing to determine if you qualify to have these debts discharged. This is a service that we provide to bankruptcy clients throughout Indiana.

Has Your Mortgage Company Refused to Foreclose on Your Home?

After filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and surrendering your home, you expected a fresh start. Now, your mortgage company has refused to foreclose on your home. The property is still in your name and you are still being forced to pay property taxes.

If you can’t get out from under your home, we can help. If your mortgage company is unwilling to release the lien on your home, we will use adversary proceedings to demand that they release the lien or accept a quit claim deed.

If the mortgage company refuses to foreclose and accepts a quit claim deed,  your home will be yours again, free and clear.

Talk to a Skilled Lawyer About Post-Bankruptcy Issues

You have nothing to lose by seeking an Indianapolis attorney’s advice post-bankruptcy. You have a lot to lose by postponing it. For more information, call 317-894-0626 or fill out the contact form on this website to arrange a free initial consultation.