F.A.Q.’s Chapter 7

This site is still under development, however below are some of the commonly asked questions that I will be answering:


  1. Can I keep my car/house/secured items?
  2. Can I keep a credit card?
  3. What is the total cost and how are the fees determined?
  4. I filed a bankruptcy in…, how long until I can file Chapter 7 again?
  5. I filed a Chapter 7 back in…, how long do I have to wait before I can file a Chapter 13?
  6. How long does the entire process take?
  7. How much can I make and still qualify for a Chapter 7?
  8. How is your payment determined in a Chapter 13?
  9. What isn’t dischargeable in bankruptcy?
  10. Can I include my taxes in my bankruptcy?
  11. Can I file on Tickets?
  12. Can I file on Legal Fees/Court Fees?
  13. What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13?
  14. Can I keep my home and car?
  15. Can I consolidate my debt?
  16. How much does it take to retain for bankruptcy?
  17. What documents are needed to start?
  18. Can I include my student loans in the bankruptcy?
  19. How do I get my ex-spouse to help file bankruptcy for their part of the debt?
  20. Will the bankruptcy help stop garnishments?
  21. How much is the filing fee?
  22. How long have you been doing bankruptcy cases?


  1. Can I add payday loans?
  2. When can I buy a car?
  3. When can I get a mortgage?
  4. I turned in all my paperwork and paid in full, how long will the process take from here/what is my next step?
  5. Do I/we have to go to court?
  6. What happens at court?
  7. When is the bankruptcy done?
  8. Will they take my refund?  What do they do with it?
  9. Why do you need the information on my house/car if I’m keeping it and not filing on it?
  10. What happens if I forget a creditor?
  11. What if I change my mind and decide not to file?
  12. Do they ever tell you at court that you can’t file bankruptcy?
  13. I’m surrendering my house/car, how long do I have until I have to vacate/surrender it?


  1. How much do I still owe?
  2. When will my case be filed?
  3. How long is the hearing I go to?
  4. Is it a judge I go in front of?
  5. Who will attend the hearing?
  6. Can I include my ex-spouse’s debt with mine?
  7. Do I have to attend the hearing?
  8. How long is it before my case is discharged?
  9. How long before my creditors are notified of the bankruptcy?
  10. Will this stop my garnishment?



  1. How do I go about turning over my refund?
  2. Why do I have to send the whole refund check and let the trustee issue my portion back/Why is the trustee intercepting my refund check/Why can’t I just cash it and spend the earned income credit now instead of waiting for the trustee?
  3. How can I get copies of the paperwork in my case?
  4. I received the Discharge, so am I completely done now?
  5. What happens if I win the lottery, receive an inheritance, or get any large sums of money since I have filed bankruptcy?
  6. I was in a car accident and am going to receive money from the insurance company; do I have to notify the trustee and/or turn over the money?
  7. I surrendered my house in the bankruptcy, so why am I still receiving information on it like property tax bills?
  8. Is it safe for me to have a bank account now and keep money in it?
  9. What is a deed in lieu of foreclosure?  A short Sale?
  10. I am receiving bills from creditors for prepetition debt; can I add these?  What should I do?
  11. Why am I receiving all these adds to purchase a new car and apply for credit cards?


  1. When can I buy a home?
  2. When can I get another credit card?
  3. How long is my bankruptcy on my credit report?
  4. If I have any liens still on my property after my case is discharged, how do I get them off?
  5. Can the discharge be revoked?