F.A.Q.’s Chapter 13

This site is still under development, however below are just a few of the commonly asked questions that I will be answering:


I need to get a new car; what do I need to do?


Can I sell my house/car/personal property?  How will it affect my bankruptcy?


Can I add my post petition tax debt to my plan?


Can I pay off my Chapter 13 early?


What if I get a raise or change jobs during this case?


I am no longer working/my income has decreased; can you lower my payment?


My spouse died/we are getting divorced; how does this affect my case?


I had damage to my house/car and insurance will cover it.  Can I file a claim and how will it affect my case?


What is a Notice of Transfer/Assignment of Claim?


What is a Motion for Relief from Automatic Stay and Abandonment?


I received a Motion to Dismiss.  What do I do?


Do I have to go to the Hearing (i.e. MTD/MLS/Obj Conf)


I received a large sum of money from…; do I have to disclose that to the trustee/turn it over?