Debt Settlement

When your financial future is on the line, don’t take a risk with a debt settlement business that offers deals that seem too good to be true, or is located far enough away that you can’t personally shake their hand.

At the Law Office of Colby J. Leonard in Indianapolis, IN, we take on your creditors in a way they can’t ignore. We negotiate to get them to accept less than what you owe, letting them choose between settling for something now or ending up with nothing after you are forced to file for bankruptcy. Our experience and reputation in this area speak for themselves — bankruptcy and consumer law are what we do.

Perhaps you’ve seen ads from debt settlement businesses that make big promises. Maybe they tell you that with just one monthly payment, you can eliminate huge debt for just pennies on the dollar. Unfortunately, their offers tend to be too good to be true. The truth is that you could pay thousands up front, and not see your debts truly settled until full payment has been made. In the meantime, your credit cards have taken on default interest rates along with late fees and penalties. In other cases, these companies operate from states with lenient business laws. None of this is good for getting rid of your debt.

Facts About Debt Settlement

- Debt settlement tends to be more successful if the money is owed to someone other than the original creditor, such as a third party creditor or collection agency.

- Debt settlement is typically less damaging than filing for bankruptcy when it comes to your credit.

- Your bankruptcy lawyer has a fiduciary duty to be protective of your interests. This means that he or she cannot do something that will negatively impact you for his or her own benefit. While this is not true of just anyone, or even most, who might offer to help you, attorneys are among the few that are held to this standard.

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