Adversary Proceedings

If a dispute arises during or post-bankruptcy — such as a dispute involving allegations of fraud or dischargeability of debt — it must be handled in adversary proceedings. Adversary proceedings are separate proceedings in a bankruptcy and not all law firms are willing to handle them. In fact, some attorneys go so far as to leave bankruptcy proceedings out of their retainer agreements entirely.

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Who Can File an Adversary Proceeding?

Anyone involved in the bankruptcy proceedings can file an adversary proceeding, including:

  • Debtors: Debtors often file adversary proceedings against creditors when creditors’ actions violate the discharge or the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. They may also file adversary proceedings to determine whether a debt is dischargeable or nondischargeable or to protect themselves against fraud or other wrongful conduct.
  • Creditors: Creditors may file adversary proceedings to attempt to prove that a debt is not dischargeable or to argue that the debtor is not eligible for bankruptcy or filed bankruptcy in bad faith.
  • Trustees: Bankruptcy trustees may also file adversary proceedings. Trustees may argue that a debtor did not comply with a court order, did not file the case properly, missed a court deadline, or otherwise violated federal bankruptcy law. They may also file a bankruptcy proceeding to convince the court to turn a Chapter 7 bankruptcy into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

We focus our representation on helping debtors move smoothly through bankruptcy and any hiccups that they may encounter. Whether you need to bring an adversarial proceeding against a creditor or you face adversarial proceedings filed by your creditors or a bankruptcy trustee, we will stand by you.

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