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A Message From Attorney Colby J. Leonard

At the Law Office of Colby J. Leonard, friendly, personal service is not just a phrase. It’s a business standard. You come first: it’s that simple.

I’m attorney Colby J. Leonard. I started my legal career by working for a large bankruptcy law bankruptcy firm in downtown Indianapolis. I have helped thousands of people file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, I realized that my clients were not just case files. They were real people with real problems. I opened my own law practice to provide a level of personal service I had not seen being provided at other firms.

I became an attorney to help people and to make a difference in their lives. By choosing to handle fewer cases than the high-volume bankruptcy mills, and by offering nonbankruptcy alternatives such as debt settlement with creditors and the IRS, or negotiating with the mortgage companies, I am able to work with each of my clients on a personal level.

Keep It Small, Keep It Personal

No two people have the same debts, the same assets or the same concerns about their financial problems. Yet many law firms take a one-size-fits-all approach to bankruptcy: forcing you into a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy whether that is the best solution to your debt problem or not.

Filing bankruptcy is a big decision. Nobody should be forced into filing bankruptcy just because that is the only service the law firm provides. As your attorney, I will review all of your options. I will take the time to learn about your financial situation to make sure that you pick the form of debt relief that is best for you.

As your attorney, I will handle your case personally from beginning to end. You won’t have to explain your situation all over again to a different person every time you call.

If You Can’t Shake Your Attorney’s Hand, Don’t Hire Him

At some large bankruptcy mills, you may not talk to the same lawyer twice. You may get shuffled between their staff and never really know who is representing you. You may be limited to calling their office or stopping by only during certain hours. You may be forced to drive downtown and deal with the city congestion every time you wish to visit them. You will receive no such treatment at our office. We have an open door policy; you are free to call or come in anytime, no appointment necessary, during regular business hours. When you call, you will know who you will be assisting you. To be more accessible to my clients, I located my law office at 11623 East Washington Street on the east side of Indianapolis so you won’t have to travel downtown. I even offer evening appointments so you won’t have to miss work to talk to me in person about your case. We also have an office conveniently located in downtown Muncie to assist our clients in that location.

Your initial consultation is always free and without obligation.

Attorney Colby J. Leonard